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We never advise buying into fads and passing trends. Particularly the kinds of fads that have anything to do with health and wellbeing. But when it comes to green coffee beans, there’s plenty of scientific evidence to suggest unroasted coffee beans can be beneficial in a variety of ways.

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One of the most heavily-publicised benefits of raw coffee beans being their potential to assist with weight loss. All over the world, millions are now regularly consuming a variety of products and supplements made with unroasted coffee beans, in order to help them both lose and manage their weight more efficiently.

All supposedly without the risk of any side-effects.

The question being – can green coffee beans genuinely live up to this kind of hype? Or are we simply looking at another health fad with little to no evidence or scientific backing?


In terms of what it is that makes raw coffee beans so special, the beans are basically identical to normal coffee beans – aside from the fact that they haven’t been roasted. The only real difference being that unroasted coffee beans contain a somewhat higher concentration of chlorogenic acid. A variety of studies having linked chlorogenic acid with a wide variety of health benefits, including blood pressure control, obesity prevention and even a lower risk of both type two diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease.

When raw coffee beans are put through the roasting process, much of the chlorogenic acid is lost. As such, there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that green coffee beans could bring a variety of unique health benefits to the table. What’s more, given the fact that raw coffee beans also contain a generous dose of caffeine, it also has the potential to contribute to effective weight loss and weight management.

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So the short answer is yes – green coffee beans contain caffeine, which has been linked with weight loss and weight management. However, research would also seem to suggest that in terms of this specific benefit, there is no specific difference between roasted and unroasted coffee beans. Both contain largely the same amount of caffeine, which is the active ingredient linked with effective weight management.

As such, if weight loss is your primary or exclusive objective, you may find standard coffee every bit as effective as raw coffee beans.

Not that any kind of coffee should ever be interpreted as something of a miracle solution among those looking to lose weight. The beneficial properties of caffeine are only effective when combined with a healthy lifestyle and appropriate diet in general. So while green coffee beans and caffeine supplements can help things along, they’re not necessarily the silver-bullet solutions far too many product manufacturers claim them to be.

The way we see it, both green coffee beans and standard coffee are to be enjoyed for what they are. Any additional health benefits they bring along for the ride simply serve as welcome bonuses!

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WORD OF CAUTION: Hayman brings you the highest quality green coffee beans for home roasting with your coffee roaster. Once roasted, our coffee beans are meant to be ground and used to brew the most delicious specialty coffee ever! Do not consume raw coffee beans in any other form or for any other purpose without first getting medical advice.

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